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91er who loves football and motogp and still fangirling over SJ-INFINITE-EXO
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You should compliment yourself sometimes


Gah… since thursday, i can’t use my smartphone as smart as before. Cause i can’t activate the internet packet as usual. I already called the provider though, two times to be exact. Sadly, my decision to change my phone is the cause. Well, i have to get a new phone cause my SII won’t turn on anymore. Ah it is kinda frustrating… the CS told me to wait (again). She said that the IMEI number is still on process. Just hope it won’t be delayed anymore and i can use my smartphone as smart as before. Sorry for the rant. 

ahh currently listening to three different versions of way back into love, because of this boy. oopss, i mean this video >.<

Stomach ache yet still craving for spicy food. What a situation!


uhuk itu yang pake jaket abu.. udah keren-keren foto di berlin, duh tapi rambutnya ga keren.